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ornate heartsTwo ornate 'puffy' silver heart beads, hollow in the center with holes at top and bottom for stringing. Each is about 1" wide and lightweight. Sold as a set of two. I will consider selling them separately -- so let me know if you'd like to buy only one for $19.00.

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corn necklace etsy versionThis OH SO SPECIAL yellow & blue corn kernel necklace set was handcrafted by Indian women and men on the Santo Domingo Pueblo located between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. They grow the corn, dry it, color it, and then string the necklaces themselves. You might wonder if the corn 'beads' would deteriorate over time, but I've found that they last indefinitely since the kernels are dry -- somewhat like a nut bead necklace.  One suggestion for preservation, if you want to be sure, is to keep it in a baggie in the freezer when you're not wearing it -- I know that sounds funny but I'm told that's the secret of some well-preserved vintage corn necklaces I've seen that were made in the 60's!.  
The end ties are from soft deer skin leather; the necklaces are separate and both slip easily over the head. They are sold as this set of two.
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