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ornate heartsTwo ornate 'puffy' silver heart beads, hollow in the center with holes at top and bottom for stringing. Each is about 1" wide and lightweight. Sold as a set of two. I will consider selling them separately -- so let me know if you'd like to buy only one for $19.00.

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bloodstone FINALWe love this stunning natural bloodstone gem pendant, all ready for stringing with tiny white pearls to match the white accents, or another combo of your own creative design! The stone has exquisite coloration as shown -- a deep teal blue with soft brown and white accents. It has large facets for a great aparkle effect. We found it in an obscure bead shop in Fairbanks, Alaska -- wish we knew more about its history and travels! We think it will call to you as it did to us - it just begs to be made into a beautiful necklace!

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