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glass redThis is a set of red glass beads and pendant for your matching earring/necklace designs. The earring beads (approx. 1 mm. long) consist of clear red glass set in gold oval frames. My understanding is that these are vintage, from the 1950's. The pendant (approx. 1" long and 1 mm. wide) is of blown glass with gold and other elements, with a generous horizontal hole (through the red section), ready for stringing. This is not vintage, but it is beautifully handcrafted, and it goes so nicely with these beads that we are offering it as a set for your jewelry designs.

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blue czechCheck out these beautiful Czech glass beads on sale now in our Etsy shop. Fire-polish beads such as these are one alternative to more expensive gemstone beads. They provide sparkle and light to the most special of creations! These beads are handmade in the Czech Republic through a process of molding, facet-cutting, and firing in a high-temperature furnace. The process gives the beads a beautiful sheen and scratch-resistant surface. The beads shown here are 7x5 mm. Rondelles, a lovely blue/aqua, with a gold color finish around the hole. Click the 'Buy Items on Etsy' button above to learn more and to buy!

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