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tiny pinkThis is another of our FAVORITE items in the shop -- a gorgeous strand of delicate pink, natural untreated Peruvian Opal beads. They are faceted for a delightful sparkle! Each is approx. 6 mm.
and there are 90 beads on a 17" (approx.) strand.

Break them up and use a touch of gold for earrings, or string them together for a stunning necklace!

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fluoriteThis is a simple yet oh-so-beautiful Fluorite nugget-bead necklace, with stones that are approx. 22 mm. long and spacer beads (also Fluorite, in complimentary colors - approx. 5 mm. each). There is a simple toggle clasp, as shown. Approx. 17" long, including chain and clasp. ALSO, pssst.... SNEAK PREVIEW FOR OUR FRIENDS & FANS - OUR BLACK FRIDAY SALE STARTS FRIDAY, NOV. 27. GET IN TOUCH AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE DISCOUNTS EARLY!

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