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jade newThis is a lovely hand-carved pendant of natural Nephrite Jade from New Zealand. Maori designs carved in jade are steeped in religious and spiritual belief. They tell stories of ancestors long lost, depict spirits from the heavens, earth, and underworld, show historical lineage and paint images of the natural world that surround and surrounded them. They are no doubt beautiful, but they’re more than a form of art. For Maori they create a strong connection with their ancestors and the natural world they live in. It was believed by Maori that as a carving was worn against the skin it absorbed some of that person's essence. As carvings were passed down through the family they absorbed essence from each family member, creating a direct ancestral connection through the necklace itself. This is one reason why Maori design is so special, it is more than just an art form.

This special piece measures approx. 70 mm long (approx.. 2 3/4") x approx. 35 mm. (just shy of 1 1/2") at its widest point. Thickness is approx. 3 mm. Hole at top for hanging is approx. 2 1/2 mm. wide.

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dichroic 2This is a set of five gorgeous dichroic glass beads/pendants, with shades of gold, blue, green, orange, and more -- depending on the light. Approx. 2 mm. holes are drilled horizontally through the middle of each pendant. They are each approx. 30 mm. long (a little over 1") and approx. 10 mm. wide (about 1/2"). The pendants were each lovingly handcrafted by JoAnn Wedge, an incredible artisan and jewelry designer (one is signed 'Wedge' on the back). Use them for a special bracelet or necklace design -- we can't wait to see what our artisan friends will say about them! If you shop, don't forget to use your Friend/Fan Discount Code (Code 14123 at checkout) for your 20% discount!

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