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Orthoceras ("straight horn") is a genus of a now-extinct nautiloid cephalopod -- a once living, shell like organism. Each stone is polished to better reveal their lovely black and grey and off-white hues, and the vertebrae structure is clear as shown in the photos.
This set is predrilled (front to back) and ready for stringing into a matched necklace/earring set, or for use separately. The largest stone is approx. 39 x 24 mm., with an approx. 2 mm. hole. The two smaller ones are slightly different in size -- the smallest at approx. 34 x 14 mm., the larger at approx. 40 x 15 mm. The hole in this latter pendant (40 x 15 mm. one) is slightly chipped. Each of the smaller pendants has an approx. 1 mm. hole.

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dichroic 2This is a set of five gorgeous dichroic glass beads/pendants, with shades of gold, blue, green, orange, and more -- depending on the light. Approx. 2 mm. holes are drilled horizontally through the middle of each pendant. They are each approx. 30 mm. long (a little over 1") and approx. 10 mm. wide (about 1/2"). The pendants were each lovingly handcrafted by JoAnn Wedge, an incredible artisan and jewelry designer (one is signed 'Wedge' on the back). Use them for a special bracelet or necklace design -- we can't wait to see what our artisan friends will say about them! If you shop, don't forget to use your Friend/Fan Discount Code (Code 14123 at checkout) for your 20% discount!

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