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Our other contest tie-winner is... 'S' !

Now before I tell S's story about 'just plain homely rocks', I need to provide some background. Our home Santa Fe, New Mexico (which we adore) is also home to a lot of new-ager enthusiasts, liberals, environmentalists, and is in general a place of the most tremendous and wonderful history and diversity.  But sometimes the reputation of Taos, New Mexico, does Santa Fe one better, and this is such a case.

coffee catsS says that one day, not having eaten lunch and suffering from summertime thirst, she stopped at Coffee Cats in Taos, New Mexico (pictured at right), to get a fruit smoothie.  This is a small cafĂ© across from Monet's Kitchen, a delightful cooking shop.  She noted with more than a passing interest that at Coffee Cats, the sign read something like: Have a Rocktail!  For One Dollar Extra, add your selection of rocks to your coffee or smoothie, and experience the difference each rock makes!

Well, this made S really start to self-evaluate.  This is how she put it: "Sometimes I wonder just how much of being human I've missed out on. I cannot for the life of me find that 'place' in my mind/heart/soul where I can 'feel' and understand what so many others chatter about as if it's common as blue sky.  I'm talking about feeling vortexes, swirling energy sensations while standing in a certain spot, or tasting the difference, the radical difference, in a drink after you've added a piece of quartz or amethyst.

After declining the special offer, S wrote a poem about it:


In Taos I could have ordered

a rock for my drink: amethyst

quartz, jasper. See the difference!

Make your smoothie into

a Rocktail the sign said.

Not worth a dollar extra to me.

The purveyor waxed poetic.

You won't believe what it does

to your energy vortexes she said.

Am I missing something?

Are energy vortexes like X-rays

that exist but we can't sense them?

If so, would a rock in my drink

make me aligned with the cosmos,

unaware of the rocks in my head?

Many thanks to S for this entertaining and winning entry! She expressed so well the angst I feel about whether or not the compelling mysticism of gems, rocks and crystals is real, or just something I WANT to believe.
In any case, fun! If you enjoyed this blog post, you might also enjoy The Bead Collection has a Winner!

p.s. For what it's worth, though I haven't been to Coffee Cats, it looks like a fun place to visit -- and Taos is certainly one of the best day trips out of Santa Fe you can find.  And if you want to try the smoothie thing at home, we have lovely selections of quartz (  and jasper (, at the Etsy shop:    ;-)  Don't forget our 20% discount special for a few more days, with CODE 66072!

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0 # Ellen W. Gonchar 2013-03-25 16:56
What a fabulous story and congratulations to "S" for the win!
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0 # Sheila McLaughlin 2013-03-25 22:47
Thank you, Ellen! I'm coming up with so many stories about 'Plain Homely Stones' who knows when I'll be able to get back to the fancy gemstones! Fun, regardless!
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