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black opal ringAndy thinks I like fishing. I let him believe it because I know he wants to, but I secretly despise it. I hate the slimy fish and the worms and mud and everything about it. Only one good thing has ever come of his fishing, and that's the time he found the opal in the fish's mouth. And even if I didn't think that much about it at first, now that it's been cut into a big, sparkly thing, and put in a big gold ring like he promised me, I have to say it's the best thing that's ever happened to us!

The goldsmith who made that ring said it would bring us good luck. Andy says she said it could bring bad luck, too, but I don't remember that. It's just Andy being Andy. All I know is that so far, all our luck has been the good kind since I started wearing that ring. For one thing, when I told Andy I couldn't wear such a beautiful thing unless I had a nice dress to wear with it, he took me out and got me three dresses! He had to charge it, you know how that is -- he'd really only planned to get me one dress. He'd already spent more than he wanted, getting that ring made up. But I told him it had to be real gold – not just some fake stuff. And the other two dresses, well, you can't just wear the same old thing all the time, can you? Plus, I told Andy those dresses, along with that ring, would make me happy, and wasn't that what he wanted? I think he knows I was pretty sick of all those years of scrimping and saving and only having enough money for a roof over our heads and food on the table.

All in all, like I said, the ring has been the greatest thing! When I wear it, people sit up and notice. Sometimes I used to feel like I was nobody, but now they look at me like, "Wow, where'd you get that?", and then I get to lord it over them that they don't have anything as special as that. Of course I never tell them we got it out of a fish. That's our little secret, mine and Andy's. Well, I guess the goldsmith's secret too – but who's she gonna tell?

I go by that shop sometimes, just to see some of the other things that lady has made for people. She must have a lot of money, that one. She's got some necklaces with stones like mine. She says those opals come all the way from Australia!  Now who'd believe that, after we pulled ours out of that muddy old lake! But they're real pretty. I'm thinking about working on Andy to buy me one of those. I like the biggest one, the one cut in a triangle shape, with a gold cap and chain. Lord, wouldn't that be something. I'd really be happy if I could just have that.

To be continued....

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0 # Vintique Jools 2013-05-08 00:23
What a fabulous story.......and the ring is gorgeeeous!!
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0 # Sheila McLaughlin 2013-05-08 00:34
Thank you, Ellen!! Contrary to my usual practice, I'm not bugging my spouse and all my friends to critique this little meandering story before I post sections, so I've been nervous about whether it 'works' or not. I've finally finished it -- I've been making it up as I go along. There are two more 'installments' -- one to be posted soon this week, and a short finale next week. Hope things are going well for you! Hey will you remind me if you're on Pinterest? If so, would you like to be invited to pin stuff on my 'Distinctive Handcrafted Jewelry' board, and the 'Beads & Pendants' board? And then there's the crazy boards - Octopus Pendants and Mermaid Pendants, Win-A-Bead, Catz, and then one fairly normal one -- Travel, Dine & Shop. You'd be welcome to join in...
Let me know & be well!!
p.s. The ring isn't in my store -- I just found an image that looked like the 'fishy' opal I'd been writing about, to fit the story...ha!
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