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quartz and silver 2This is a beautiful, clear, natural Quartz crystal and silver pendant to use as a necklace or for crystal healing and insights (or both!). Approx. 35 mm long including bale (or approx. 1 1/2") and approx. 15 mm. (a bit over 1/2") wide. Exclusively for our friends and fans, please remember you can use code 14123 for a 20% discount on this or anything else in the shop!


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janis evans necklaceMy new Jewellery Designer friend from Linked In, Janis Evans, is a fascination to me -- or maybe I should admit I'm just a wee bit jealous! She and family are soon moving to formally launch their new business (to be called 'The Roost') in the western region of Newfoundland! Their combo jewellery/art/pizza shop (what could be more divine??) will be right on the ocean shore--on a scenic cliff overlooking the harbor in a fishing village called York Harbour. Janis will have her dream come true--a proper lampworking studio where she can work and teach.  
Much of Janis's work incorporates both lampwork and genuine sea glass collected on the rocky beaches. One of my favorites, this 'Transition  into Spring' is a piece composed of her lampwork beads, and it is so lovely!  As with many of us, Janis got into the business 'by accident'.  She saw a charm bracelet she liked in a bead book and wanted to recreate it. So she took apart her old charm bracelet and some other old jewellery and started making bracelets and necklaces. Friends and family started giving her discarded jewellery to fuel her new endeavor -- and when she next discovered lampworking, the path to the future became very clear.
Janis has creativity in her blood and family heritage , so it's no surprise her life took this turn.  Her mother knits, quilts, spins and weaves, and her dad did needlepoint and woodworking. Her husband does weaving, rug hooking, needlework, pizza and breadmaking (thus the pizza aspect of the shop), her son does woodworking, and her daughter sews, spins, does needlework, and makes jewellery!
janis evansI especially love Janis's story because she works with her daughter (Jessica, in their case) as well. Jessica  wirewraps the sea glass into their distinctive designs. I haven't seen their type of combinations before -- authentic sea glass along with complimentary handcrafted lampwork beads. Each item is a one-of-a-kind creation, a delightful piece of artistry from Newfoundland. 
My own ancestry is Acadian, from a region not all that far from where Janis will be working and living. So I ardently hope she will notify newfoundland2us of her grand opening so we will have an excuse to make the long trek out (yep, from New Mexico to Newfoundland is a far piece). In the meantime, you can find their beautiful work on these sites:
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