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Hi All,

We have an important update about our lives and the business! Mom (you know her as Sheila) is taking on a new temporary job in Tucson, Arizona--starting soon! In the meantime, I'll be doing the blog posts so you might see new subjects or sense a different style, so that's what's up! A couple of cool things about this change is that with mom living in Tucson, I'll have a place to stay when I go to work and shop the gem show there next year! Also, it gives me a chance to get to know all our friends and readers better, so I do hope you'll comment often and dialogue with me.

i'd like to launch my new role (until now I've been behind the scenes as our resident jewelry designer and gem consultant) by finding out more about you and your interests. Please take just a few moments to respond to some quick questions--

1. What did you sign up for our newsletter? What do you enjoy about it. And what would you like to see more of?

2. What is your particular passion/passtime/occupation? Are you a jewelry designer, a beading enthusiast, a metalsmith, or  just someone who enjoys beautiful handcrafted jewelry? Tell us your story!

3. If you are someone who makes/sells jewelry, would you be interested in having us do a feature on you and your work? If so, please let us know!

4. Please consider sharing something specific about how you came to love beads, gems, adornments, and/or your particular craft, hobby or profession related to jewelry.

Thank you so much, and thanks again for joining us here. We truly appreciate your interest and participation, and look forward to hearing from you!!

Shannon Amalia Schreiber, Co-Owner of The Bead

p.s. If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy the post Shannon's Story.

Shannon Schreiber







+1 # Rebekah 2013-10-10 13:50
Would love to answer the questions from the survey, where do I go to post my answers? Thank you and look forward to more posts!
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0 # So mclaughlin 2013-10-11 01:26
Right below your comment or mine you should see the words 'reply', 'reply with quote', etc. click on 'reply and type your comments in the box that pops up. You will probably also need to enter a little info about who you are in a couple of additional boxes, but it should be easy. If not or if it gets too frustrating, let me know--I'm at:

Thank you!!!
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0 # Rebekah 2013-10-16 23:01
Perfect! To answer your questions
1. I had never signed up for a jewelry or beaded blog before. When I saw you on linked in I became curious and would love to be a "subject" one day!
2. I used to be an administrative assistant while building my jewelry company of 4 years now. Now I am a stay at home mom with the jewelry company. I love to do beaded jewelry with any colors materials I can try. I design, promote, create do it all in the company.
3. I would love to have you feature me and my jewelry!
4. Years ago I used to make beaded jewelry for my mom. Then one day I was between going for my masters in Curation and doing beaded jewelry. I didn't have a job and needed Christmas gifts for the woman in my family. They all loved it along with some people I started to temp with. They helped motivate me to start selling my pieces. I love doing it, look at anything for inspiration and just create the designs with the colors in my head!
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0 # So mclaughlin 2013-10-17 02:50
Thank you!! Please send photos of your work or a link to where we can view it, to:

Thanks so much for commenting and participating in our survey!!
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