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ornate heartsTwo ornate 'puffy' silver heart beads, hollow in the center with holes at top and bottom for stringing. Each is about 1" wide and lightweight. Sold as a set of two. I will consider selling them separately -- so let me know if you'd like to buy only one for $19.00.

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Margot ButterflyThe reason Part I of the Margot Guerrera story was entitled 'Margot Guerrera's Earthy Art' is because Margot works a special magic with minerals from the earth. She lovingly collects them, then paints with mineral ochres onto natural bead materials, creating completed works of art for adornment. She talks more about this in detail at:

Here you will learn about her adventures in the arts and minerals world. Linked to that blog is her second etsy store of mineral art supplies and there you can also find her tutorials and instructional & documentary videos on supplies!

Margot is passionate about the story of mineral paints; over the years, she 
has been surprised that so many do not understand where they come from. What she knows and teaches is that almost all colors have a natural place where they have come from in or on the earth. The brighter the color, the more it was likely 'heated' to increase vibrancy and attractiveness. Some colors are lab created, meaning they are a mineral that is enhanced chemically. This is the case for the color 'Prussian Blue', which is historically the first modern synthetic. The beautiful colors used for the butterfly bracelet above and this hummingbird pendant are completely natural mineral ochres -- so delightful!   

hummingbird pendant

You can find out more about Margot and her art at

Finally, she is currently building a portfolio of "vignettes" on

Check her out!

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