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diamond ringToday we are featuring a special article from our friend Chris Foerster from Bob's Watches* -- and the subject is one of our (and a lot of peoples') favorites:  DIAMONDS.

Here's the inside scoop on not only any diamond, but on the diamonds of celebreties, according to Chris.

Americans love their celebrities.  And we love them even more so when incredible engagement rings are involved.  Speculation begins long before the ceremony.  It only takes a quick flick of the wrist to cause a media frenzy.   

Below you will find a list of what we feel is the latest and greatest celebrity engagement rings.

Princess Diana/Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles/Prince William just might be one of the most famous of engagement rings.  Legend has it that Princess Diana was shown a tray full of diamond engagement rings to choose from.  The Princess chose the biggest one and wore it proudly up until her divorce.  At her death the ring was passed on to her son, William, who eventually gave it to his fiancée.

The ring cost $45,000 in 1980.  Today, it is likely to bring in $136,000.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias spare no expense.  Their $2.5 million ring is a pear-cut diamond along with two trillion stones on the side.

Another big spender on our engagement ring list is Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis.  The couple splurged $2.6 million on their engagement ring.  Once considered one of the richest men in the world, Aristotle married Jackie giving her a ring that matched his perceived style.  The engagement ring featured a square-cut diamond as well as a string of diamond feathers surrounding an emerald.   The ring was only worn twice before being locked safely away in a safe.

Grace Kelley and Prince Rainier II of Monaco can be spotted a mile away with their 10.5 carat ring.  Grace fulfilled every girls dream by marring her handsome prince charming. The ring is flanked by two baguettes and is valued at $4.6 million.

Just when you thought that $4.6 million was a big deal, in comes Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  This popular couple was married twice.  Their first marriage was in 1964. The couple broke up but was later married again in 1975.  The engagement ring has been said to be one of the most expensive in history.  This ring definitely tops our charts at $8.8 million.  The ring is a 33.19 carat asscher cut type IIa diamond.

If you are determined, finding a beautiful diamond like the ones that the celebrities wear isn’t impossible.  It is all a matter of the four C’s.  Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color.  All four C’s influence the ultimate price.

If you should have a desire to search for an affordable celebrity look-a-like, you need to start with the center stone.  Purchasing a stone online can be an easy process, so long as you use a reputable diamond retailer’s website, such as:

We hope you enjoyed Chris's informative post. If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy our previous post on Emeralds.

Until next time,


*You can see some great diamonds from Bob's Watches here:

















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