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Today we're featuring Lauren Alleyne of LinkedIn (and Etsy, and Pinterest, and...more!)

lauren photo 2Professionally, Lauren is a Project Coordinator -- but designing and making jewelry is her full-time passion. She has always been a creative soul -- knowing for as long as she can remember that she wanted to own her own business. All it took was the right opportunity at the right time.

A friend of hers who was making jewelry encouraged her to start as well, for a second source of income. Soon she became obsessed! She loves fine fashion and jewelry, so this was the perfect creative outlet. Ideas started flowing in, and she truly felt a sense of peace and joy when creating.

lauren priority 3 brownLauren is inspired by art, color, and fashion. She can see colors in an outfit, a work of art, or even a beautiful sunset and become inspired to make a piece representing those colors. She likes to call her pieces "wearable art". Her favorite materials include a wide variety of beads, and also feathers, stones, and charms. Botswana Agate, Tibetan Agate, Sea Opal, and Crab Fire Agate beads are among her favorites.

Lauren sells a lot of her work on Etsy, but the majority of her success comes from in-person sales. She enjoys making a connection with the customer, getting to know their personalities, and collaborating with them to help customize the perfect piece for their taste. She feels word of mouth and superb customer service has helped to grow her business; clients notice how much she focuses on making her customers happy.

Lauren Purple BraceletLauren's plans for the future are to continue to seek inspiration wherever she can, learn different techniques, and explore different styles while still staying true to her own style, which is chic, vibrant, and eclectic jewelry. She would also love to sell her jewelry in stores and boutiques, and continue to grow the business internationally.

We are cheering Lauren on, because we LOVE her work! Check it out here in these photos and at her sites:





lauren priority 1 purpleTwitter:


Until next time,

Sheila & Shannon

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