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jess photo 2A little inventory of our blog posts reveals we haven't given enough of a fair shake to our youngest jewelry entrepreneurs -- so today we try to balance the scale a bit.

Jess Hurst has been making jewelry for a little less than a year. She got into it just as a creative outlet -- enjoying the design aspects and being able to customize pieces around the interests of friends and family. She still considers it only a hobby. She is a college student at State College of Florida, studying Graphic Design.

The whole jewelry thing got started when her mother gave her a European charm bracelet and she fell in love with the style. She realized she could make them for other people, have fun doing it, and also make a small profit!

Jess gets her materials from wholesale merchants on eBay and other sites such as She gets beads by the hundreds, and bracelet rope by the meter -- as well as other fixtures for the bracelets, such as lobster clasps. Because she buys in bulk, over time she is able to make a profit. But she's quick to point out -- it's not all about the money. She truly enjoys the work, and we think that's one critical ingredient for future success.

jess bracelet 1We love her whimsical and colorful work. I guess you could say there are elements of goth and fantasy mixed with the traditional European charms. She has made so many that she has a good selection offered via eBay (look here: And she's also experimenting with marketing via Facebook --

and Twitter --

Jess isn't the only college student who's launched a business from her dorm room (figuratively, in this case, since she's actually living with her parents while attending college). One of Etsy's wonderful posts about how to help Etsy sellers be more successful (and inspiring success stories too) features four college students who are doing the same sort of thing. Read about it here:

jess bracelet 3We're thinking that armed with a degree in Graphic Design and her creative jewelry-making talents, Jess might end up being one of the best web designers ever for artisans seeking support for online shops. We'll stay tuned and follow her work, and we hope you will too!

If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy our features on Mara Stellino and Shannon's Story.

Until Next Time,

Sheila & Shannon

p.s. Only two more weeks to enter the contest to win the COOL vintage Mexican beads shown at the right. Read about it in our August 8 post or drop us a line via:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



+1 # Ellen W Gonchar 2014-09-01 18:34
So great to read about the younger artisans entering the field. Thanks for the post...and I am her 1st follower on FB! =)
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0 # SRuthMcLaughlin 2014-09-03 02:18
Quoting Ellen W Gonchar:
So great to read about the younger artisans entering the field. Thanks for the post...and I am her 1st follower on FB! =)

Thank you, Ellen!! We so appreciate your comments!
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