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glass redThis is a set of red glass beads and pendant for your matching earring/necklace designs. The earring beads (approx. 1 mm. long) consist of clear red glass set in gold oval frames. My understanding is that these are vintage, from the 1950's. The pendant (approx. 1" long and 1 mm. wide) is of blown glass with gold and other elements, with a generous horizontal hole (through the red section), ready for stringing. This is not vintage, but it is beautifully handcrafted, and it goes so nicely with these beads that we are offering it as a set for your jewelry designs.

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C is for Citrine -- a member of the Quartz family.  It has a delicate,yellow color, derived from iron; the name itself is derived from the French word citron, for lemon.  Citrine has been found all around the world -- Brazil, Spain, France, Madagascar, Scotland, and the US.   It is often mistaken for the more valuable gemstone topaz.  Natural citrines are rare.  Commercial "citrines" are often heat-treated amethysts ("burnt amethysts") or smoky quartzes.  This semi-precious gemstone is said to be associated with mental clarity, personal will, and especially, creativity.  It is also November's birthstone.  I found this lovely sample on an Etsy site for bridesmade gifts:

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