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best friendHaving written about Donna and her business partner & friend Malene a couple of weeks ago, it made me think a lot about friendship. On Pinterest, where I market The Bead, I also have some 'non-marketing' boards (follow me here if you like, and I'll follow you!). One of those boards is called Just Sayin', for quips and quotes that I find to be wise or entertaining. Shown here is the pin/quote I posted there once that has had more pins than any I have ever found/passed on. This just seems to strike a chord with many of us -- because it is so true, and because if we don't have a friend like this in our lives, we often crave one. I have gone in and out of years where I had the right person in my life, the right chemistry, and the quality time to nurture such a friendship. And the older I get, the more I am aware of how very important it is to treasure and create such years, and the people and memories they bring.

I guess this doesn't have much to do with beads or jewelry making, but as you know, once in a while I slip off topic to talk about things that replenish us and make us whole, as artists, entrepreneurs, and human beings. Friendship is one of those things. So this week, in honor of my beautiful friends, some lost to time, death, misunderstanding or circumstance, some forever in our hearts no matter what happens, I share a poem sent to me by an old friend. The poem was written by a friend (Jean Goodwin) of a woman named Reina Menken, when Reina died in March of 2012. From what I hear, Reina was a very special woman -- and when you read this I think you will get the feeling of why she was loved. So here goes --

Chinese Funeral Poem

Damn it Reina, we need to talk
Although it must be awfully dark
And, yes, the time change is berserk...
Why can't you make the cell phone work?

I bet if you were really trying
You'd find a way around this dying.

Sometimes I feel you're getting close.
Lost in thought I hear us almost.
We talk of shamans and Lascaux
Freud, the Magdalene, Marx, Thoreau.

You're the bravest at sheer defying
You won't be silenced by this dying.

I'm driving, badly, after snow
Somewhere past Pecos... I don't know...
Just need some news about Camus...
Damn it all, Reina, where are you?

--Jean Goodwin

Here's to friends remembered, all but forgotten, lost and found -- may they continue to give us the strength and heart to do what we do -- and may we remember to tell them how very much we love them. And while I'm at it, I just want to say how much I appreciate YOU, my community of online friends. I would not have the heart to go on with what I do without the fellowship and encouragement of you who share my interests and passions, and who do so much to support me, and us, at The Bead.

Until Next Time,





0 # Ellen W Gonchar 2015-02-05 04:47
Blessed to be a friend~~~
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0 # Soruthmclaugh 2015-02-05 06:33
Thank you, Dear Ellen! Me too!!
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0 # Ellen W Gonchar 2015-02-05 20:01
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