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Orthoceras ("straight horn") is a genus of a now-extinct nautiloid cephalopod -- a once living, shell like organism. Each stone is polished to better reveal their lovely black and grey and off-white hues, and the vertebrae structure is clear as shown in the photos.
This set is predrilled (front to back) and ready for stringing into a matched necklace/earring set, or for use separately. The largest stone is approx. 39 x 24 mm., with an approx. 2 mm. hole. The two smaller ones are slightly different in size -- the smallest at approx. 34 x 14 mm., the larger at approx. 40 x 15 mm. The hole in this latter pendant (40 x 15 mm. one) is slightly chipped. Each of the smaller pendants has an approx. 1 mm. hole.

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grand junction 4While visiting relatives in Colorado this week, we had the good fortune to stumble upon a very cool organization -- the Art Jewelers Guild of Grand Junction.

These folks enjoy an association made up of skilled professional, semi-professional and student artisans. Their purpose is to learn, share, challenge each other regarding creative interests and abilities, and support one another's success.

Specialties include silver work, precious metal clay, wire work, bead weaving, glass creation, polymer clay, and more. They meet monthly to share experiences, new processes and news, and conduct classes. A big part of their work is to provide mentoring for developing artists (how many communities can say they do that??); they also help members promote and sell their work, and strive to increase the awareness of art jewelry in the community.

grand junction 7Their web site also serves to promote their multi-talented members, with photos of beautiful pieces and artists' contact information. Annual dues are only $30, and that seems quite a bargain for the benefits. It appears the majority of their classes and demos are free, with participants learning to wire wrap, do basic peyote beadwork, Kumihimo braiding, texturing and more. It is clear there is both commitment and camaraderie in the group, with members sharing responsibility for hosting parties and meetings, marketing, newsletter writing, and event management.

The Guild appeared to us to be a great model for other communities! If you'd like to learn more, you can contact them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And if you have a moment, click here to visit them on Facebook: and LIKE them! And check out their web site too:

grand junction 1



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