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beaded curtainbeaded wind chimeThis week I was wondering what some folks might do with beads other than make jewelry. It only took a bit of research to find the most creative applications – you just have to admire people who think out of the box! Pinterest provided a treasure trove of ideas – I found bead wreaths, suncatchers, ornaments, wind chimes, charms, lampshades, bookmarks, wall art, candle holders -- the list goes on and on!

I thought these were some especially inspiring ideas for those who love beads as we do. If you’re not already on Pinterest, these links may not open up easily – but perhaps you can google the key words and come up with the same sites. I’ve provided the images in any case, so you can see these products of ingenuity at work.

I found a tutorial on how to make a beaded glass window curtain here:

And a beaded garden chime (image on left) made by MeadowWren on Etsy:

beaded chairAnd an incredible intricately-beaded chair by Flair Robinson Studio on

The main site offering all these great ideas was here:


Who knows, maybe you will even decide to make some beaded gifts for the holidays!

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