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ornate heartsTwo ornate 'puffy' silver heart beads, hollow in the center with holes at top and bottom for stringing. Each is about 1" wide and lightweight. Sold as a set of two. I will consider selling them separately -- so let me know if you'd like to buy only one for $19.00.

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gold bead earringsgold bead earringsgold bead earringsGold is the favorite of many -- the shiny precious yellow metal we love to love.  Its malleability and low melting point allows it to be easily manipulated and shaped into beautiful jewelry.  Gold was developed as one of our earliest metals, coming only after iron and bronze and their 'cousins', copper and tin.  'Karats' are a measure of purity; 24 karat gold is the purest.  Gold jewelry can commonly be found in 22, 20, 18, 16 14, 10 and 9 karat forms.  This precious metal can be found all around the world, in nuggets or grains in rocks or geological deposits.  It can vary in color from yellow, also found in white, red, blue, black and even purple, depending on its primary metalic components, with yellow being the most common.  'Found' gold may even contain up to 8 - 10% silver.  Because it is easily scratched or dented, it is often combined with other metals for a stronger alloy; this is the case with what we call 'white gold' (gold with nickel, zinc, palladium or platinum), rose gold (gold with copper), and green gold (gold with silver).  We value gold as one of the earth's most preacious and rare substances, and for cernturies, gold has been used as currency -- often in coins -- and as a measure of value.  The photograph here is one of my favorite samples from the site featuring JuJuDesigns. 

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