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linda blog 4Our second 'taker' on our offer to feature new jewelry artisans was Linda Britt, and it has been wonderful getting to know her and learning more about her shop and process. I've been wanting to feature a Polymer Clay Artisan as I feel I have neglected to do much of this -- so here's my chance!

Linda is a retired interior designer who has been making jewelry since 2002. As a little girl, she designed doll clothes, made things with paper, and watched her mom as she went back to college to get undergrad and graduate degrees in art. She was also inspired by her dad, who was a rock-hound! He and her brothers staked a claim in the Mojave Desert and mined a stone they trademarked as 'Mojave Stone'.

In the meantime, Linda was growing up, going to college, getting married, and being a navy wife. She always enjoyed the jewelry her family and others made from the rocks in the mine, but she eventually found her own path in mixed media.

linda blog 2She loves to try new techniques and using new materials. She creates art jewelry using a variety of components including sheet metal, polymer clay, beads, wire and metal clay. Sometimes she combines them and sometimes the material stands alone. She often combines stone with her silver designs, sometimes using pieces inherited from her dad.

Currently she lives in Arizona and continues to hone her jewelry making skills using metal clay, polymer clay and other mediums. Her latest work is the 'Silver Bug Collection' (one of these delightful pieces is shown here); these are made of silver metal clay.

She also makes one of a kind polymer buttons, which have turned out to be quite popular.

You can see more and find/follow/like Linda at these sites:

Some of the really cool things about Linda are that she focuses on design excellence, superior craftsmanship and integrity -- and truly wants to bring happiness to those who purchase her pieces.

Another great thing she does is share her knowledge and experiences. Especially via her blog, she finds great tutorials useful to herself and others, posts them, analyzes them (and her own learning journey), and shares with anyone who is interested.

I hope you'll enjoy perusing her sites as much as I did. If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy our post on Brenda Sue Lansdowne.

Until Next Time,



+1 # Linda Britt 2016-07-09 00:03
Thanks for such a good post. It is such fun and interesting to read your blog. Thank you for including me.
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0 # somclaughlin 2016-07-09 00:09
Thank you so much for commenting! It was a delight to meet you and see your beautiful creations. Best of luck to you & thank you very much for being a loyal subscriber & reader!

Please do let me if you ever have any suggestions for future blog posts/artisan features.


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