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replicaEach of these precious beads is sold as a single bead, for $6.50* (or 20% less if you use your friends & fans discount, SAVE20). If you are interested in more or the whole set, please let us know!

These are modern handcrafted beads made in the tradition of ancient dZi beads (pronounced ZEE). Few beads are surrounded by as much myth and mystery as the dZi bead. The authentic/original etched agates are found in Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh, and Nepal, and are believed to be about two thousand years old. Many legends accompany the beads- that they were not made by man but created by the gods, that they bring luck and ward off evil, that they protect the wearer from physical harm by taking the abuse upon themselves, and that the bead itself will choose its' owner and will not stay with an unlucky person. 

We actually acquired these in India, but we believe they are every bit as beautiful, with their rich Carnelian color and traditional etched designs. We have several in a variety of colors, so let us know if you want additional photos. If you purchase from this posting, you will receive one like that shown in the two close-up shots, unless you specify otherwise.


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sugaliteSugilite is a rare translucent mineral with color ranges from pale lilac to deep purple.  Virtually all Sugilite available today comes from mines in South Africa.  It is an amazing mix of chemical compounds, including potassium, sodium, lithium, manganese, aluminum, iron, silicon and oxygen.  This semi-precious gemstone was not even discovered until 1944, but since then has been prized and is frequently set with turquoise and lapis lazuli for stunning effect.  Some spiritual practitioners indicate that it is an extraordinary 'cleansing' stone, with the ability to eliminate toxic influences from one's inner and outer environment -- and some even claim that it has the power to help the wearer heal from cancer.  Emotionally, it is said to dissolve negativity, and whatever your beliefs about this, just looking at this lovely stone achieves that effect for me!  See how the sugalite beads in this creation from Amber Tortoise Jewelry (from pair beautifully with the equally rare purple turquoise.  We invite you to peruse our collection of other unique gemstones and beads at The Bead Collection:   and also at our sister shop:

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