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ornate heartsTwo ornate 'puffy' silver heart beads, hollow in the center with holes at top and bottom for stringing. Each is about 1" wide and lightweight. Sold as a set of two. I will consider selling them separately -- so let me know if you'd like to buy only one for $19.00.

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topaz earringsFor those of you in colder climates, you'll be able to relate to this snippet from the Gregorian Calendar for November's birthstone, Topaz.

Who first comes to this world below
With drear November's fog and snow,
Should prize topaz's amber hue,
Emblem of friends and lovers true.

Topaz indeed is such a 'warm' stone, I have to agree with their analysis.  Another gorgeous semi-precious gemstone, Topaz actually comes in colors other than amber -- including yellow, pink, reddish-orange, and brown -- and if you include heat-treated Topaz, you can also find blue, green, pink, red, teal, rainbow, peacock, and silver!  It is found all around the world -- and because of the many colors available and its clear appearance, it is sometimes confused with stones like aquamarine, citrine, beryl, fluorite (p.s. see our lovely flourite pendant on this web site), sapphire, tourmaline, zircon, and other gemstones.

Since today's poem focuses on amber Topaz, I've included an example from the Etsy site Lu's Boutique.  This sample also features delicate gold chains (read more about gold in my previous blog post:  G is for GOLD).  It is no accident that the word Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word 'tapaz', which means 'fire'.  Golden Topaz, found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Pakistan and the US, is said to be a stone with the capacity to enhance one's creativity, personal will, and ability to manifest desires.  And perhaps the reason it is called  the 'emblem of friends and lovers true' is because it is also associated with the heart. 


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