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Bead of the Week

quartz and silver 2This is a beautiful, clear, natural Quartz crystal and silver pendant to use as a necklace or for crystal healing and insights (or both!). Approx. 35 mm long including bale (or approx. 1 1/2") and approx. 15 mm. (a bit over 1/2") wide. Exclusively for our friends and fans, please remember you can use code 14123 for a 20% discount on this or anything else in the shop!


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refugeemom1-150x150Calling all beaders and jewelry designers using beads or beadwork-related tools!  Check out this call for donations to help refugee women rebuild their lives:

If you click on the link above, you'll see that  the project is trying to help refugees who have had to flee their country of origin due to a  well-founded fear of persecution due to war, race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, political opinion, or association with a particular group.  Once the United Nations determines someone’s refugee status, they are resettled to safe countries all over the world.

Can you imagine having to start over with just the things you could carry, in a place where you may not even speak the language. What if you also had a family to take care of?

I am definitely going to contribute some things, and hope you will too if you have items on their request list, noted below.  In the meantime, if you were interested in this opportunity, there is a similar one described in my previous blog post on 'Bead Stories from Around the World.'

Plain glass beads: All shapes, 4mm-10mm, solid colors, especially: WHITE, black, yellow, blue, orange, pink, red, purple!

  • gem stone beads, all shapes and sizes
  • lobster clasps, SP & GP 10-12mm
  • sterling or silver plate jump rings 7-9mm
  • silver 2×2 crimp tubes (not crimp beads)
  • headpins SP/GP(pref 21-22 gauge)
  • beading wire, 19-49 strand
  • crystal beads, 4mm-10mm
  • tools for jewelry making, especially round-nose and chain-nose pliers
  • knitting needles, especially bamboo, all sizes
  • crochet hooks, all sizes
  • Yarn: Wool, alpaca, or cotton, any weight
  • weaving fiber: cotton & other naturals
  • weaving tools (all), especially Schact weaving swords
  • Magazines: Such as back issues of Stringing, Beadstyle, and Simply Beads
  • Books: EASY, visual learning jewelry and knit/crochet
  • Silpada and Sundance catalogs: Any season will do. These catalogs have nice, clear photos that show jewelry construction/finishing techniques and color combinations we teach in our program, but there’s little text to distract or overwhelm the students.
  • Beggars can’t be choosers, but please–no plastic beads! Also please note that we do not use acrylic or nylon yarn.

They are also in need of:

  • Digital cameras: Please include cables or docks the camera needs to function.
  • Memory cards for digital cameras (SD, memory stick, etc.)


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