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quartz and silver 2This is a beautiful, clear, natural Quartz crystal and silver pendant to use as a necklace or for crystal healing and insights (or both!). Approx. 35 mm long including bale (or approx. 1 1/2") and approx. 15 mm. (a bit over 1/2") wide. Exclusively for our friends and fans, please remember you can use code 14123 for a 20% discount on this or anything else in the shop!


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Sept 19 2012 newbeads 003Obsidian is a fascinating stone we haven't discussed here before, so that's the subject of today's conversation. This is a transparent to opaque natural glass, composed of volcanic, amorphous, silica-rich, and glassy rock, found in areas of volcanic activity. The stone is formed when molten lava meets water, such as when the lava is flowing into a lake or ocean, and there is a rapid cooling process. There are many types of obsidian -- 'spider web', 'sheen', 'rainbow', the one pictured here -- snowflake, and more. (If you like these snowflake obsidian beads, they're available for sale on our site: )

Since the Stone age, people have used obsidian for cutting tools and weapons, because it can be worked to create an extremely thin, sharp edge. Ancient Aztecs and Greeks polished it and used it for mirrors, and the Moai, the large stone statues on Easter Island, were fashioned from obsidian! Since antiquity, obsidian has also been used for adornments. Throughout history and even today, obsidian has been thought to have a special significance/relationship to our psyches as well. Snowflake obsidian, in particular, is thought to increase psychic sensitivity; some believe it has the power to put one in touch with the world of souls, to facilitate communication with lost loved ones, or to assist in past-life recall. Whatever your particular beliefs or planned uses for obsidian, there is no doubt this is a fascinating and lovely stone.

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